Cory Cole
Venus in the Water

Fell in love with 'open E' major tuning and recorded three songs with vastly differing moods. "Man on Fire" is a story of intended revenge where our doomed hero is gut-shot looking for the man what shot his Pa. "Want Her to Be" is a lilting, jazzy piece about romance and well, enchantment. Title song was a last minute add-on and became centerpiece of the record- a man lost at sea begins a descent into blissful madness when he imagines a beckoning goddess in the water. "Hole in the Ground" from this record gets to Finalist Round in 2009 version of Great Lakes Songwriting Contest, and the train keeps-a-rollin'...
Oh, and you should check out a better shot of the album cover in the 'photos' section of this site. We morphed several pix of MI water and sunsets, then a model from an old photo magazine. She is purposely melted into the water to look like she may be real- maybe not. It took Ivan hours to get this right, but it's one of my favorite pictures of all time.

Tracks: "Better If I Did"
"Every Woman"
"Gone Away"
"Man on Fire"
"Want Her to Be"
"Hole in the Ground"
"My Way Home"
"Stayed There"
"Rolling Four"
"Venus on the Water"