Cory Cole
I Got the Time

First album done in "The Molehole", our affectionate nickname for our downscale, upstart studio. Tracks include "Down the Flat River" (small-town murder/mayhem ballad w/local twist), "Woodpecker Blues" (nod to bawdy, Memphis Minnie-style pieces where you better not directly mention the 'S' word (yup, that one). "My Pretty Baby" (full-tilt harp-based piece penned by a stalker). Some of these songs were 20 years old, written on the porch while I was attending CMU. Title track has some killer piano work from Willie Rose, worth a listen just because he laid it down in one take and left us breathless. He did another take, probably just to show off...
Other tracks include:
"Shut Your Piehole"
"Yonder Glory"
"The Bridge"
"The Peace"
"Hellhound on my Trail" (Robt Johnson)