Cory Cole
Eyes Off You
Im not very clever
Never really found a way
To get a girl's attention
Come up short with things to say
Frozen like a statue
I stare across the room
Wonder when you're leaving
Hope it's not too soon
I can' take my eyes off you
A wave of desperation
I feel it on my skin
Just a moment's hesitation
We'll never pass this way again
Summon up some courage
Try to catch your eye
Wanna tell you what I'm thinkin
At least I wanna try
Lyrics Credits: Cory Cole
Music Credits: Cory Cole
Producer Credits: Cole/Ivan Haney
Performance Credits: Cory Cole, Patrick Knotts
Label Credits: White Feather
Short Song Description:
Instant attraction, across-the-room longing, fantasy about what could be.
Story Behind the Song:
On vacation in the FL Keys. Spent the week on the porch playing music from daylight til late night with some of my favorite musician friends. That much playing fired up some creative spark that led to a riff that led to some lyrics that led to a story and... I love saying that this is my sister's favorite of everything I have ever written. Here's to the best sister a guy could ever hope for...
Song Length: 5:03
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Subject Matter 1: Shyness
Mood 1: Enchanting