Cory Cole
Venus in the Water
I saw Venus
On the water
I saw Venus
On the water
Her arms open wide
Like a lover
Arms open wide
My lover

I saw Jesus
In the desert
Jesus in the desert
His arms open wide
Like my brother
Arms open wide
My brother

I just open my eyes
And see forever
Open my eyes
See forever
My arms open wide
Arms open wide

I saw Venus
In the water
I saw Venus
In the water
I saw Venus
Lyrics Credits: Cory Cole
Music Credits: Cory Cole
Producer Credits: Ivan Haney/Cory Cole
Publisher Credits: TBD
Performance Credits: Cory Cole- acoustic guitar
Label Credits: White Feather
Short Song Description:
Adrift at sea, a man begins to hallucinate or perhaps has a spiritual experience that unites him with the flow of the universe.
Long Song Description:
I write and record with a "less is more" approach. I think the mark of a great song is one that pulls the listener in not just by hook or layered production, but uses story and what's NOT there musically as part of the song. Not saying this piece is great- but it is sparse, minimal, and I still like the universal theme of the story.
Story Behind the Song:
Needed one last song for the record I was finishing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Had been writing in open E tuning for this record, went back to it because I found it stirred up some creative Mojo. This turned out to be my
favorite song on the record, written effortlessly in a couple of hours.
Song Length: 4:43
Primary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo: Floating
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Water
Subject Matter 2: Spirituality
Mood 1: Content
Mood 2: Serene
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later